Bonjour, and bienvenue to Moveable Feasts! My name is Stephanie and I’ve taken up residence in this little corner of the Internet to share my findings in my ongoing search for “the good life.”

Ernest Hemingway has long been one of my favorite writers, and Paris has long been one of my favorite cities. I’m a bonafide, unabashed Francophile and, much like Gil Pender in Midnight in Paris, I wish I could slip through time and bash around the City of Light circa 1925 with my literary idols. Alas, the laws of physics keep me firmly bound to the present, but I do believe, as Mr. Hemingway suggested, that the timeless Parisian spirit—that singular and indefinable knack the French have for savoring the everyday—can transform even the most mundane of situations into a tiny celebration of simple pleasures. After all, if you’re alive and you have wine to drink, food to eat, and a friend or two to laugh with, what’s not to celebrate?

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I created Moveable Feasts to share my adventures in the kitchen, on my little farm, and on the road. Over the past few years, I’ve discovered that cooking is my happy place. Give me a challenging recipe and a glass of wine and I’ll be quite content. I’ve also been terribly fortunate in that the gods of wanderlust have deigned to smile down upon me and grant me frequent opportunities to jaunt about the world. Food, wine, travel, and writing are what I live for, and Moveable Feasts is a place where I can organize and record my various exploits. And if you happen to chance upon my site and find something you like, all the better.

Hunter S. Thompson—another of my favorite writers and a man who had an admirable lust for sucking the proverbial marrow out of life—penned the following lines, which appear in one of the many letters compiled in The Proud Highway, a captivating collection of his literary ephemera. His words articulate my intentions better than I can:



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I hold a B.A. in English from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master of Journalism from the University of North Texas. Since graduating, I’ve been working as a writer and editor in various capacities.

Enjoy my way with words? E-mail me at stephanie@moveable-feasts.com to discuss my freelance copy and content writing services.

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Francophile, oenophile, and bibliophile. I’m at or around the age when you cease revealing what it is. I currently live in the Dallas area and I enjoy writing, reading, cooking, and traveling. I like red wine, Belgian beer, The Beatles, Mad Men, Wes Anderson movies, little black dresses, and Oxford commas. I dislike saffron, hot weather, Moscato, country music, small talk, and small minds.


Comments or questions? Leave them below or e-mail me at stephanie@moveable-feasts.com.


  1. Caralyn

    Love the site! The food looks almost as amazing as you. Can’t wait to get in the kitchen and try a few of these fabulous dishes.


  2. Nicole

    Superbe! I have now gone through the entire site and know you are going to be a force in the land of the internet! Merci pour votre écriture perspicace. Bonne chance!!!


  3. Kiera Slye

    I love you so much! This website is my favorite and I love watching your adventures and reading your magical words describing them! xoxox


    • Stephanie

      And I love YOU so much! Hope to share some more of these adventures with you and your boys!


  4. aboutcreativity

    Very good.


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