My Little Farm

Canada Geese

Canada Goose

These beautiful Canada geese have temporarily taken up residence on our little farm. They let me get quite close to them to snap a few pictures, so I’m guessing they’re used to humans approaching them.

Or they were plotting my death.

Either way, loved seeing these guys and I hope they come back again next year. More

My Little Farm: Meet the Cast


My Little Farm

A little over two years ago, Michael and I moved to a house that sits on five acres. Despite having grown up in the suburbs, Michael is a dyed-in-the-wool, Hank-Williams-loving, cigar-smoking, Shiner-drinking country boy, and the property appealed greatly to his cowboy sensibilities. There are two barns with a total of eight horse stalls, but he recently converted the older of the two into a deluxe chicken coop. We also have a small pond which several ducks and the occasional turtle call home at various times throughout the year.

Shortly after moving here, we acquired two cows, a longhorn, and a quarter horse. They keep the grass short and they’re a terribly entertaining cast of characters. We also have five hens and a rooster occupying the aforementioned chicken coop, giving us a daily supply of truly farm-fresh, cage-free eggs. More