Eggnog Hot ChocolateEvery year, I start seeing eggnog at the grocery store shortly before Halloween, and I have to stop myself from buying it immediately because I always end up drinking one little glass of it and then the rest of it goes bad. I love eggnog. It tastes like Christmas. But I only like it in small doses.

This year I made it until last week before I caved and bought a small bottle of eggnog. Luckily we had a few friends over last weekend and, with the help of a little rum, we were able to put a decent dent in it. But I still had about a quarter of the bottle left today, so I decided to invent a warm holiday cocktail. I call it Eggnog Hot Chocolate, and a quick Google search reveals that no, I did not actually invent this. But this recipe is my own, as far as I know. And it’s wicked tasty. More